Filipe Brigas' Team Helps SafetyWing Reach $7M+ with Cold Calling and Automation

Filipe Brigas and the Revenue Precision team helped SafetyWing fully implement Apollo and scale outbound sales while cutting costs by over 70%. Here's how.

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Written by Karli Stone

Published Thursday, April 6, 2023

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Why not ZoomInfo? For me, it's clear that it's much easier to have a tool like Apollo that does both the lead generation and the email and phone automation rather than have it seperately.

Filipe Brigas

COO and Co-Founder at Revenue Precision

Filipe Brigas is the ultimate sales enthusiast.

As COO and co-founder of Revenue Precision, he’s made it his mission to help B2B organizations drive growth and generate more revenue with precise strategies.

“It’s my passion to make things work efficiently, “ says Filipe, “I’m always working to make sure that our clients are one step ahead when it comes to their sales strategies.”

Revenue Precision, like any exceptional agency, measures its own success by the triumphs of its clients. Their work with SafetyWing stands out to Filipe as a crowning achievement.

With world-class sales development consulting and an Apollo implementation, Filipe and his team brought SafetyWing 18% more meetings, generated over $7M in ARR, and cut costs by 71%. Here’s how.

Simplifying the Overly-Complicated

The folks at Revenue Precision aren’t your average sales consultants.

Before their days as a sales agency, they were the early employees of another sales enablement tool.

It was there that they discovered a problem worth solving: sales orgs are struggling to achieve results, largely because entry-level salespeople are expected to execute using overly-complex tools and processes.

Flash forward to today, Revenue Precision is filling that gap by helping SDR organizations simplify processes, consolidate tech stacks, and coach towards complete tool proficiency.

“We focus our teams on deeply understanding and leveraging their tools to read digital footprints and identify buyer-ready prospects.”

And for that, Apollo is their go-to, end-to-end tool.

“Why not another tool like ZoomInfo?,” Filipe says, “For me, it’s clear that it’s much easier to have a tool that does both the lead generation and sales enablement with email, phone and social automation, rather than have it separately.”

The folks at Revenue Precision use Apollo for everything — from generating prospecting campaigns almost 100% automatically to managing client sub-accounts with ease.

“Apollo is easy to set up and we can easily bring in or turn off client accounts, so they don’t get stuck with the cost for the full year if something doesn’t work out.”

So, when it comes to scaling their client’s sales motion, they’re eager to set them up for the same kind of success.

Implementing Apollo at SafetyWing

SafetyWing came to Revenue Precision needing help ramping up their 4-person SDR team and securing more meetings with the right buyers for their global health insurance.

They had goals to exponentially increase outbound engagement. For that, they needed more data. More connected mailboxes for better email deliverability. A seamless integration with HubSpot.

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Revenue Precision tried to meet these goals using the team’s existing tools, but it became clear they needed an end-to-end solution with more capabilities.

Revenue Precision helped SafetyWing dig into the numbers. Apollo could get them 1M+ credits, better phone numbers, the ability to link 10+ mailboxes and have their data and engagement tools together in one place — while slashing software costs by 71%. More than enough to convince SafetyWing to make the switch. 

Given the price point of Apollo and the competitors we saw, it was just the best solution was a no brainer.

Filipe Brigas

COO and Co-Founder at Revenue Precision

In less than a month, Apollo was in place and Revenue Precision set up a crash course, teaching the SafetyWing team how to use advanced filters, set up mailboxes, and create rulesets — everything they needed to conduct efficient outbound.

“After three months, I think every SDR on the team was very happy with the transition. They really, really liked using Apollo.”

Remote Health at SafetyWing Soared to $7M+ in Revenue

With the team up to speed in Apollo, Revenue Precision rolled up their sleeves. It was time for the real work — generating revenue.

They started by getting reps on the phones.

Historically, the SafetyWing team never cold-called, believing it to be unreliable and inefficient. But with a shiny new dialer, access to millions of verified phone numbers, and the expertise of Filipe and his team, Revenue Precision put a new cold-calling pilot into motion to prove its effectiveness.

Revenue Precision provided detailed training, helping reps learn to use cold-calling scripts, overcome verbal objections, and track and record their performance.

They began to scale their outreach efforts to hit new growth targets and SafetyWing saw results.

“We were able to use Apollo’s phone numbers and actually book meetings from them,” said Filipe, “Today, the team still has great success with Apollo’s dialer.”

That success translated to 18% more meetings across the board.

But they weren’t done yet.

Revenue Precision has a tried-and-true philosophy. Outbound success is when person, message, and timing are all in perfect alignment.

Bringing that vision to life, they helped SafetyWing build over 290 automated sequences in Apollo, each one targeted at a specific segment of their ICP with personalized, value-based messaging. 

They leveraged buying intent based on prospects’ recent activity on social media and leveraged Apollo’s open API for further enrichment.

This led to fully automated outbound campaigns that generated more opportunities than ever.


Paired with rulesets that automatically routed leads to the right sequences when specific actions occurred, they helped SafetyWing generate meetings “almost automatically”.

“It’s easy in Apollo to say ‘If a contact opened this email, I want to send them to this sequence. If they didn’t, I want to nurture them in this different sequence.’”

Their clients saw explosive growth — and were doing less work.

Their new focus on outbound was so successful that their tiny, but mighty team of 4 SDRs grew to 16, a 400% growth since Revenue Precision came aboard.

And you better believe this translated into tangible, measurable revenue. 

A lot of it. 

Seven million dollars worth.

“They came to us at almost zero revenue and we helped them get to $1.4M in the first year, and then $7M in the second year.”

With industry-leading data and world-class engagement tools together in the same platform, teams like SafetyWing will continue to set the standard in sales, and agencies like Revenue Precision will continue to help them do it.

Above Revenue Precision

Revenue Precision elevates B2B outbound sales processes by focusing on buyer signals to achieve relevance at scale. With outsourcing SDR services and top-down sales consultation, they help companies generate qualified leads and help them hit quota.





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