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Whether you need to find 1000 new leads or 100 000 verified emails and phone numbers, Apollo's living database of 265M+ contacts has you covered.

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Access accurate and rich buyer data

With the largest and most accurate B2B database of 265+ million contacts, Apollo helps you build lists and filter with precision using over 65 data attributes, so you can find your perfect leads.

65+ filters

Find leads with precision and get all the data points you need.


Set up your ICP with personas and save time when prospecting.

Buying intent & signals

Find prospects researching solutions like yours and create signals with talking tips.

Save search & alerts

Get email alerts when new leads match your saved search.


Prioritize high-value prospects with AI

Score and prioritize your most valuable leads with everything you need in one lead-scoring solution—easy, fast, transparent, real-time AI-generated scores on every lead.

AI-generated auto-score

Our models leverage your account history and successes to pinpoint high-converting prospects with precision.

Build scoring models in minutes

Leverage Apollo's demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data alongside your first-party CRM data.

Real-time lead scoring

Filter by score and see how our living database of leads stacks up against your customer fit criteria.

Transparent score critera

Full score transparency enables your team to prioritize effectively and take personalized actions.


Apollo works where you do — everywhere

Access all the power of the Apollo platform wherever you need it with the Apollo Chrome Extension.


Access direct mobile numbers and email addresses while prospecting on LinkedIn.


Add email templates, configure tracking, and automate follow-up emails directly from your Gmail inbox.

Google Calendar

Access rich data on who you are meeting with next directly from your calendar view.

Salesforce & Hubspot

Assign contacts to sequences and view full Apollo profile information straight from Salesforce or Hubspot.

See why over 1,000,000 people joined Apollo last year

Meet some of the 16,000 sales teams that move business forward with Apollo.

We were paying Outreach $18,000. ZoomInfo must have been another $15,000. When we did the migration Apollo was $12,000. We paid less for one tool than two tools together. We basically went from paying $35,000 for two tools to $12,000 for one. We cut our costs in half.

Sylvain Giuliani

Head of Growth & Operations at Census

Apollo provided Census with


more email addresses


more phone numbers


increased data quality

The fastest growing and most loved sales technology on the planet

Apollo is now the #1-ranked Sales Intelligence & Sales Engagement solution on G2.

4.8/5 based on 5,780 reviews

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