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headshots of Benny Rubin, CEO of Senders and Josh Garrison, Head of Content at Apollo

Why Your Emails Land in Spam — and How to Fix It

Are your outreach emails landing in spam?

In this live webinar, deliverability experts Benny Rubin and Josh Garrison will teach you how to fix your email problems and land in people's inboxes.

You'll learn:

  • What most people get wrong about outbound email
  • The ABCs of setting up domains for maximum deliverability
  • How you're breaking the rules of Google without even realizing it
  • Ways to leverage Apollo to make your emails practically invincible
  • And more!

Showing speaker photos: Leandra Fishman, Hannah Ajikawo, Justin Michael

Sales Unfiltered: What You Need to Unlearn in 2023 to Succeed

It's time to change how you're selling. Navigating today's "new normal" requires dealing with uncertainty and unlearning practices that hinder growth.

Sales leaders, Hannah Ajikawo & Justin Michael, have coached thousands of sales pros and teams — multiplying pipeline and increasing win rates and ACV along the way.

Join their discussion with Leandra Fishman, CRO at Apollo.io, to find out what every sales pro needs to know — including:

  • how to shift your mindset to what the buyer needs
  • what bad habits and misconceptions are holding B2B sales teams back
  • how to leverage AI and thrive in the evolving sales landscape
  • And more!

NEW: Unlocking your sales potential with Apollo Conversations

Are you leveraging data from your sales calls to learn how to sell better — or are those insights locked away?

Sales expert Josh Garrison will teach you how to level up sales performance by leveraging call recordings and Apollo's new Conversations features.

You’ll learn concrete ways to:
  • build a weekly practice of call analysis
  • structure 1:1s and feedback for continuous learning
  • use Conversations in Apollo for more impactful coaching
  • increase deal velocity with the sales call follow-up
  • And more!

Joshua Garrison at the mic

Mastering Cold Emails with AI

Are your cold emails not working? Learn how to outbound like a master copywriter and watch your replies skyrocket in this ultimate cold emailing webinar.

Sales expert Josh Garrison will teach you the powerful 3-step email structure he’s used to close millions for companies large and small.

You’ll walk away knowing how to:
  • Stand out in crowded inboxes with open-worthy subject lines
  • Create a powerful message in 3 simple sentences
  • Use creativity and humor to skyrocket your reply rate
  • Easily generate and test email variations with Apollo AI
  • Personalize your emails with AI-generated openers

Apollo Plays: 4 Ways to Automate Selling in Apollo

Are routine sales tasks leaving you with too little time to sell? Learn how to supercharge your sales process and reclaim your time in Apollo’s end-to-end automation webinar. Join sales expert Josh Garrison as he walks through how to set up automated ‘Plays’ to effortlessly execute your go-to-market motions.

You’ll walk away with the tools you need to automatically:
  • Reach out to inbound leads (as soon as they come in!)
  • Work companies who are actively researching solutions like yours
  • End sequences for outdated contacts to keep deliverability high
  • Leverage dozens of pre-made templates for instant results
  • Streamline inefficient processes by creating your own Apollo Play

Perfecting the Cold Call: How to Win on the Phones

Are you struggling with low connect and conversion rates on the phones? Join us for the ultimate cold-calling webinar where Orum's top performer Anthony Balestras and Apollo sales expert Josh Garrison will teach you cold-calling tactics fit for closing buyers in 2023.

You’ll walk away knowing how to:

  • Make more dials in less time
  • Deliver your value prop to on-the-go buyers
  • Schedule the perfect 14-day call cadence
  • Transform your cold-calling mindset and avoid burnout
  • Use Apollo’s click-to-call dialer and advanced call intelligence features
  • And much more!

Mastering Email Deliverability: How to Avoid the SPAM Folder

Sick of your cold emails getting sent into the void? Poor email deliverability hold you back from generating pipeline? In this webinar, we’re giving you a step-by-step walkthrough on how to ensure your emails reach the inbox and not the SPAM filter.

You’ll walk away from this webinar knowing exactly how to:

  • Configure DMARC, SPF, and DKIM for your domain
  • Maintain a healthy domain with proper email “warm-up”
  • Configure your mailbox to look like a real person and not a robot
  • Create messaging that speaks to your target audience (without looking like a spammer!)
  • Find and use verified emails that boost your domain reputation
  • Use sequence diagnostics to identify email deliverability issues with ease
  • And much more!

5 ways to find better leads & automate prospecting

5 Ways to Find Better Leads & Automate Prospecting

Are you an SDR leader who wishes a tool could automatically find your team qualified leads all the time? Do you dream about getting instantly alerted when high-intent leads research products and solutions similar to yours? In this webinar, we're showing you how to use new features from Apollo to automate your prospecting, find higher-quality leads, and improve your SDR team’s efficiency!

You'll learn:

  • Using new and upgraded search filters to find the perfect prospects
  • Getting alerted when a company has high buying intent for your product/service
  • Automating prospecting — saving your team tons of time!
  • A sneak peek into two of our NEW beta features to help you generate more leads (Data Health Center & Plays)

Leading an efficient SDR team: How to do more with less

Leading an efficient SDR team: How to do more with less

Let’s kick off 2023 with some new ideas and optimism while the economy seems to be going the other way. With budget cuts, we are all being asked to do more with less. Sales teams need to be even more focused on bringing in revenue in the most efficient ways.

Watch this webinar recording to get invaluable insights from our expert panel on strategies and tactics to drive more pipeline during uncertain times!

You'll learn:

  • How to do more with fewer resources and budgets
  • How to drive more pipeline in the next 6-12 months
  • Ways to streamline processes and build a more efficient SDR team

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