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How to use Apollo

How it works

API Calls

Need B2B data for a company or contact from Apollo? Our REST API lets you query for whatever data you are looking to enrich your system with. Whether for people, organizations, opportunities, or more, the Apollo API is available to do almost everything the UI offers. Some additional functionalities not available in the UI are also offered through our API.


Apollo's API is charged based on consumption, and API calls are only counted when a request is made to our server. Varying plans offer different levels of API access. To view how many requests your current plan allows and how many requests you have used, you can reference the headers of a successful response from the API.

Note: Requests are not counted differently depending on number of records that may be returned or updated in a single request.

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The Power of Apollo

The power of Apollo's API

Our hyper-robust API is at the industry's cutting-edge. Businesses from small to large leverage it for:
Data Enrichment

Pull or update data that you need for people and organizations. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, company size, etc. can all be updated regularly via API calls to keep your data consistent and up-to-date.

Custom outreach

In addition to simply managing data records, you can utilize Apollo's API to automate your outreach efforts even further. Modify existing sequences with API calls instead of manually clicking through the UI.

Workflow management

For more experienced users, Apollo's API can also offer a way to further customize your sales teams' workflows. Make updates to things like task priority, due date, custom fields, and more, all through our API.

And more!

Applications of Apollo's API are abundant. Talk to our expert API team today to see how we can help you get started with an even more customized Apollo experience!

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